Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scratchboard Reunion

Just returned from a whirlwind trip to Dallas yesterday. I'm trying to make 'lemonade from lemons' as the purpose of the trip was to pick up my artwork from a Gallery that was closing there. Well, not really closing, but changing it's focus to carrying only the art of it's namesake. While this is not really a happy event, and in fact, somewhat depressing, I have to say I am delighted to be re-united with some older pieces I hadn't seen in a while. Above are "4 Red Daisies" and "Genial Dog". The former is a 14"x18" Ampersand Art scratchboard ( incorporates vintage paper collage with water based oil paint. "Genial Dog" is an 8"x10" Ampersand Art scratchboard with vintage paper collage and acrylic paint. Would I rather have sold both of them? Yes indeed, I sure would have. And if anyone reading this wants them I'd be happy to pack 'em up and ship them out. In the meantime I'm enjoying seeing them on my wall. New works are always great, of course, but revisiting old is pretty awesome too.
I've had an invitation to link blogs with this site It's pretty cool, I hope you'll check it out, I plan to spend the next few days exploring there. Connections...important stuff in this day and age.
My New Years Resolution is to post more here, in addition my goal is to have more followers (I'm an Aries, we LOVE to be leaders!) So if you just stumbled onto this blog, sign up and line up folks, please, I won't lead you astray (at least I don't think so). I promise to be posting every few days with new/old artwork and whatever amusing, informative text I can squeeze out of my self.
If you have comments, jump in...I spend a lot of time alone in the studio and it's nice to have social stimulation!

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