Monday, January 16, 2012

Crystal Bridges Museum Joseph Cornell

In continuing my exploration of the new Crystal Bridges Museum here in NW Arkansas: This is the Joseph Cornell piece in the collection. The installation is great, they have a mirror so you can see the back which has collaged paper on it.  Have I told y'all how much I love him?  Maybe not. Here goes...I have read everything I can get my hands on about him.  Quirky? Odd? Eccentric? Yes, indeedy. All of the above and more.  Amazing, self taught artist. He hung out with Duchamp. In fact some thought he might have been in love with him...He lived and worked in the house he grew up in in NY. Lived on 'Utopia Parkway' in Queens. I love that street name. Perfect.
 I got to see a major retrospective of his a few years back, in Salem, MA at the Peabody Essex Museum.  180 of his works, many which had not been in museums. Thanks to Lynda Roscoe Hartigan who curated it, put together a wonderful book for it, and is one of the foremost experts on his work. I even managed to communicate with her via email and got feedback on my work and a personalized signed book. I admit, that put me over the moon!
 I spent over 3 hours in the PEM exhibit, and went back twice for more. I wish I had photos of it. They didn't allow them, at all. This is a major difference so far at Crystal Bridges. Of course they don't allow tri-pods or mono-pods or flash photography. And some of the special exhibits don't allow it. But for the most part, snap away. The above and the former post are photos I took with my smart phone, a samsung galaxy.  Not too bad.
I'm going to CB again this Friday with friends who have not been there yet.  I wonder what new/old works I'll see with new eyes? I have a feeling I'm going to spend a lot of my time up there wandering through. I've already spotted some snooty east coast types (what does this mean? Hard to describe, but I used to live in Boston, and was involved for a while with an 'old money' crowd for a bit thanks to a former relationship) who seem to be amazed and slightly stunned at what we have here in the Ozarks. Am I upset that this collection is associated with Walton money? Hell no. No more than we should be upset at the Guggenheim money or any other robber baron who financed art institutions. Get over it, and come visit.
It has taken me most of the morning to write this.  Sorry, I'm groggy from going to sleep way too late (early?) at 3am and waking up way too early at 7:30. My system is off somewhat due to the strange weather.  It's mid-January and 60 degrees here in NWArkansas. Something really wrong about this. I moved north from TX to get real seasons...Oh well, today I'll go work outside and put together some box assemblages of my own.


aunt said...

Thanks for putting up the photograph. He is a favorite of mine as well. We did a mini-unit on him at art camp a couple of years ago. He is very kid friendly. Did you know that he offered his visitors day old doughnuts and largely subsisted on them himself?

Erin said...

Thanks for putting up the photo. He is a favorite of mine as well. We used his work with kids at art camp a couple of years ago, and they came up with wonderful things. Did you know he offered his guests day-old donuts and largely subsisted off them himself?

Linda Sheets said...

Wow, that sounds cool. And yes, I read about his sugar diet! He was one of a kind...