Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scratchboard Horses

I've spent the week working on many new scratchboard drawings. Thought I'd put myself through an exercise of doing a pretty 'realistic' version and then my folky version of a horse. My website is Blue-eyed Pony Studio so I wanted something new to put on my business card. For those who wonder why that name; I had a blue eyed horse when I was in my early teens. She was crazy wild. I was too, so there you go. That would be the 1st image. The second is purely from my memory of another horse that I rode in my youth, 'Shadow'.  That was a long time ago. Shadow is long gone, as is the friendship with the owner of the horse. Oh well, it's all in my head now anyway.
 I like the 1st image best. It was good to play around with both versions. And good to know which one speaks to me the most. Maybe one of them speaks to you? I'd be happy to sell either one of them. I've got tons of artwork piling up around the house/studio. I just keep making it. Now selling it has become front and center. Working on a Kickstarter project which I'll be launching next week. It will be all about dogs and rescue and scratchboard drawings.  As always the above are Ampersand Art scratchbord with inks and a nice light coat of Krylon Workable Fixitif. The are 5"x7" and sell for $75.00 unframed, $100.00 framed. Let me know if you want one. But especially let me know what you think.
 It's still winter (although it's been too damned warm here) and I'm in that reflective, hibernation state of mind. Started reading and doing the Artist Way again. Morning pages are a struggle, but I do them anyway. Looking forward to spring, more art and big ideas.
I will begin the "Linda Sheets Rocks The Country Scratchbord Demo Tour" sometime in Feb. Will keep you posted on that. Will start in the NE first. (I know, winter, NE, crazy travel time...)


Heidi said...

I love both horses. The more realistic one speaks to me a little more, maybe because I've been spending a lot of time around horses lately... Love your inspiring artwork! :)

Linda Sheets said...

Thanks Heidi, I really appreciate it!