Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Joe With Cow/Crystal Bridges

Here is another of my favorite artworks at Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville. Title is "Little Joe With Cow". Artist is Yasuo Kuniyoshi. Besides being pleasing to my eye and soul, something about this piece helps me to feel hopeful that the art I'm creating is indeed art.  It's on the wall in a museum, so it must be good art, right? (don't misunderstand, I absolutely think this is great art)There's always an inner struggle when making art, the question of the validity, purpose and finally outcome. Am I making art? Is it good enough? How much do I care about the answer to that question? And must I rely on others opinion to make it so?
For the most part, I shrug it off and just keep creating. I can't spend too much time thinking about what it is or isn't. I must do. If I'm to be honest, there are days when I wonder if I should have just stayed a plumber. I understand plumbing, how it works and doesn't work, and what needs to be done to put it all together. Pure and simple.  Art, not so much.  Here are my cows today, work is underway, not finished, not sure what is next. But, loving the process of putting it all together.
I'm rambling on now, was up until 4am reading and tossing and turning. I wonder how the creative process works for others. Anyone?

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Heidi said...

I think as artists, we are naturally sensitive and intuitive. This means we can see and feel life in ways some others haven't figured out yet - that's the gift. The other side is that we are also as susceptible to others' moods and thoughts, especially as women. So it can be easier to doubt ourselves when we can hear so loudly others' opinions. You're right. It doesn't matter. I think we need to respect ourselves and our visions and keep on creating.