Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chicken Scratching And Other Thoughts

I approach the art business pretty much how I ran my contracting business; there's a job to do, a right and wrong way to do it (I choose the right way, of course), a length of time it will take, amount of money, expected final outcome, etc...etc... This makes me very focused and 'project' driven. For the most part I have commissions or jobs to work on daily. If I don't, I try and 'make up' work that must be done, that's the creative challenge for me. Sometimes what I make is just a bunch of crap and it gets tossed into the trash...or it is given away on my Linda Sheets Art page at Facebook. Usually someone likes it a lot more than I do. Or I go out into the little woodworking workshop in my garage and cut and sand lumber which is very satisfying and often results in a fun piece of furniture or decorative box or what-not.  Right now, this is my project;
Chicken Scratchin' Book. I'm trying to raise the funds at kickstarter. I know exactly how much it costs, and how much work it takes to 'build' this book. So far though, I have not raised enough or attracted attention from the backyard chicken community. I still have over 30 days to make this happen, and I believe in the project, so we'll see if I can blog, tweet, instagram, facebook, pinterest, this enough to find folks who want a portrait of their chickens and a place in the book. Plan B, if it doesn't fund? I'll tweak it and re-launch soon after. I am persistent. So here it is, share and share again, please. I can't do this alone. I already do so much alone, I need your help. Thanks for stopping by.
Click HERE to see the project.  This is a sample two page spread. 


Maywyn Studio said...

I regularly pin. If you have photos updates to refresh the pin, then I'd be glad to pin when they are posted. I don't find a Pinterest button on your blog or on the project page. There is a code you can use the places a circle P on the photo for people to click and pin to Pinterest.

Lycia Trouton said...

very sensible. good tips.