Friday, January 24, 2014

Chickens...All De Time and Such!

I've been drawing chickens and chicken-like creatures for the past 12 years. The above is 'Chicken-Man', and it's just a silly little wooden sculpture I picked up at a yard sale. I've done a number of renditions of him over the years, (the second image is early black and white scratchboard work of mine) there's something quirky and fascinating about him, and I like drawing quirky.  Unfortunately there is no signature, so the artist is unknown. Most likely this came from some sweatshop in Mexico or Central America where folks making one after another earn next to nothing.  Even though I'm earning next to nothing right now, I am still so much better off then they are. Wow. There's a thought. I'm sipping my starbucks coffee, the heat and electricity is on and I have food for breakfast. I'm lucky, and happy to be living my dream of making art my life's work.  I've got a few commissions on the table, and I hope to fund the Chicken Scratchin' book project on kickstarter. Take a look at it right HERE. You don't have to have chickens to participate, but if you know folks with chickens please share. A friend has said that this might be a stretch to fund because people have a much different relationship with their chicks, "they're not really 'pets' and sometimes you eat them". I hope she's wrong, or even if she's right, I think this could be a really sweet book. Working on my plan B idea, in case it doesn't fund.
Still moving forward with the Art Nomad idea. Sell the house, buy a little RV and make art wherever I am with lower living costs.  Just Opal Mae the cat, and me in the little box on wheels. Dreamy!
This Saturday (tomorrow) I will be posting new 'old' artworks on my Linda Sheets Art page for free. Yes, free. All you have to do is, pay shipping and any special packing, give a donation to a shelter of your choice, click like on my page and say I WANT THIS! That's it. I'm cleaning out the studio and these are pieces that either were not super successful as a gallery piece, or they are old style for me, whatever they are/were, they can be yours. I'll start around 11am Central Time and will quit when I get tired. Ok, lots of words today....Thanks for lookin'.

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