Friday, December 30, 2011

Dog Heart Scratchboard Art

Today we have a small (3"x5") Ampersand Art scratchbord study.  I originally did this design using a sheet foam product with sticky back. I think the purpose of this foam is to make stamps (for stamping with ink). I made several quick pieces using the foam, and then translated them to scratchbord.  At first I was worried that it was too much like Keith Haring.  Upon looking at his work again, I've decided that no, it's close but not that close.  Derivative, maybe, but not a copy.  I am merely being influenced...I love being influenced!  It's always interesting to see what comes from that.
Yesterday I burned a bridge.  Well, let's just say it was already hanging by a thread, and was dangerous to cross on anyway, so it needed burning.  The story behind this?  I told someone who was on the board of a wonderful art organization I was involved with here that they and the rest of the board squandered and mismanaged a perfectly good group. They ran it into the ground.  Am I sorry?  Yes, I'm sorry they did what they did.  Me, not sorry for speaking my mind. Wish I would have done it sooner. And I wish there had been something all of us could have done to stop the decline.  Oh well.  Life goes on.  My studio is at home now.  I look out the window at the birds at the bird feeder, and I try to think up good ideas for future art works. 

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Bill said...

V. cool. It might be a little Keith Haring-ish, but I see a Molle (sp?) influence as well, esp. with the colors. The Guatemalan cut felt appliques, however you spell it, and I don't mean "sauce" :-)

Lots of dogs. I went through an obsession with indigenous crafts when I first moved to TX