Saturday, December 17, 2011

Life Moves On

I spent some time yesterday working on the above commission for an Austinite.  She is not so keen on it, so I'm back to the drawing board soon to see if I can make one that pleases her.  Meanwhile, I like it and may adapt this scratchbord with some changes (and others) into a storyline for a children's book.  I've been thinking about doing a child's picture book ever since I got back from spending 3 weeks in Austin last month.  There is a certain little almost 2 year old who is my dear friends little girl.  We spent a lot of time looking at and reading her books.  I think there may be an 'Adventures of Little Josephine' needing to be written and illustrated soon.
Meanwhile, studios at the Fayetteville Underground are being packed up and moved. The artists are going to various points through out the area.  Me, I'm back in my little blue house on the hwy, sitting at the table in my living room making art, looking at the birds at the feeder, and watching the cars go by.  I'm sorry the group is fracturing, and yet, I had been thinking I needed to move on or change something in how this art business is going for me.  The licensing deal on the scratchbord kits with Ampersand is going great.  Actual art sales at galleries, kind of slow.  And kind of slow does not pay the bills.  So, during the winter I will be working on more designs to license, and making some plans to ramp up the etsy shop and such. The 'such' part is the unknown plan that I'm hoping will come to me while I'm working.
Next week I've got 3 scratchbord demo/classes scheduled, two at the local high school and one with the cancer survivors group. Then, to plow through the whole 'holiday' thing.  Good luck out there folks.  I hope y'all get or give everything you want.

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