Saturday, December 31, 2011

Party Animals!

Working on this 5"x7" Ampersand Art scratchbord the past two days.  Not sure if it's finished yet.  It's based on a photo by my friend Fay Barclay who puts up the greatest shots of her dogs and other dogs that need adopting on facebook.  She and I are going to collaborate on a project in 2012.  More about that as it develops.  Come on 2012!
Here's a quick re-cap of 2011-
After moving to Fayetteville Arkansas in Oct 2010... In Feb. 2011 I got a studio at the Fayetteville Underground, made great friends there with artists and patrons alike.  Had my first solo show there in Sept.  Had to move out a few weeks ago, after the dysfunctional board decided to dissolve the organization.  In January/Feb. I designed a series of 5x7 scratchbord kits for Ampersand Art and debuted them in April at the art material trade show.  Big success!  They started hitting the stores around August and are now carried in many stores around the country.   June 1st I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer- had surgery to remove it June 15th.  All clear.  Voice finally came back, but I don't think I'll ever be a singer again.  That's a little disappointing.  Considering the alternative tho, I think I can live with it.  And now, here I am, still making art and working on new designs to license and looking forward to a bright new year.  Happy Happy to all of you!

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