Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dog Scratchin' Kickstarter Project And Some Other Things...

I've got a lot rattling around in my head today, so tighten your seat belts. 1st thing;  Yes, my kickstarter has project funded, Whoo Hoo! It was a day ago, or maybe a day and a half, I am traveling so the days seem to merge. We are now sitting at just a little over the $5,000.00 amount. There are about 30+ dogs to draw and as many stories to tell. I am very, very excited about this. That being said, with about 16-17 days to go before it ends on April 7th. I'd love to add to that number. And not just because I love drawing dogs..(which I do).There is a matter of having to pay about 7-10% of the amount raised to kickstarter and Amazon.  I know of more than a few folks who have expressed an interest but have not pledged. Come on now! You know you want to. I hope you want to! And I'm thinking this book is going to be awfully sweet and you and your pup could be in it! There are some folks who don't have a dog, and they have pledged anyway, just to sponsor someone else who does have a dog and a story. Heck, it could be the 1st dog you had as a child, who is long gone. There is no rule that says they have to still be in your life. There is another kickstarter project associated with dogs that is using some of my information in a youtube video (but I cannot share it yet as they have not launched) It's pretty cool. It's a different sort of project from mine, but dog related.
So, what I'm asking is; please, continue to share this information with your friends, and if you haven't pledged yet, please consider it. Any amount will help Fay and I to put this together and we will try to make a difference in the lives of some of the many shelter dogs out there...waiting. Go here to see the project And you folks with cats? Gather your photos and stories because the next book is for you. Stay tuned.
Here's an old scratchboard piece of mine. Years back I was afraid of color. I did all black and white, all the time. Now? I couldn't imagine one of my pieces without color. They don't feel finished to me with out some splash of red (my favorite) or blue. This is a large Ampersand Art supply scratchboard. It is out there in a collection somewhere. I forget who bought it. If you look at my kickstarter project here, you can see a newer version in the video.
 Ok, veering off into a different direction; I had the nicest time on Saturday at Jerry's Artarama Austin. It was SXSW so the crowd in the store to participate in the scratchboard demo was at about 10+, but they were determined and appreciative. A Grandmother brought her 3 Grandbaby girls, 2 sisters and a cousin. The oldest was 6. They had a great time, and I enjoyed working with them. It was cool to see how they took to the process. One of them was hyper-critical of herself and the marks she was making. Grandma helped and I ended up getting a great photo of her with her piece. Finally a smile!
Anyhow, I'm back to Arkansas in the morning. There for a bit and then back on the road to visit and teach some more scratchboard classes. This life is a good life, and it's good enough for me!
Thanks y'all....

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