Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kickstarter Dog Book Project

Holy dog! We are less than $200.00 away from the $5,000.00 total. Please, if you love dogs and if you like/love my scratchbord drawings...and if you are in a postion to do it. Pledge to help fund this...If you would, please share it with friends who may be interested too. This is how it works folks. We share and share. and then share some more and then, things happen. This is so very cool. I can hardly wait to start the project. And then, of course, to see the finished product. Today I am feeling very thankful and happy. The above and the wonderful scratchboard demo I gave at Jerry's today have combined to make me over the top with joy! Thank you! I'll write about and post some sweet photos of the demo on here later.  If you can help with the Dog Scratchin' book product take a look at it here.

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