Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kickstarter Dog Scratchin' Book Project

Well, the project has a life of it's own. I push and pull and try to control this wild dog, but ultimately I must just follow where it wants to lead me. Whew, that's some heady stuff! 
What I really want to say is; this kickstarter project, which you can see right here, is going at it's own pace, in it's own time. Am I having to let go of the leash sometimes and just let it run? Yup. Am I learning about patience and trust. Yes sir. Is all of this hard for me? Well, those who know me would say YES. I am so used to micro managing (some would call that controlling) and trying to push things in the direction that I want them to go in. This waiting and gently nudging is different for me. Not bad, just different. All that being said. Today I am happy. The project is at the 88% funded mark and I'm pretty sure it will reach the goal and thus I will be putting together a book of my drawings and folks stories with the help of Fay Barclay and the most excellent Liz Lester Design. I am looking forward to this new experience. Look at the project here.
All of that being said, what has happened to me lately is that I have not been working on anything new in scratchboard to hang in the gallery. But I will be dropping off the above dog and 8 other 5"x7" scratchboard pieces at Wally Workman Gallery in Austin.
 I have been doing some woodworking there are 8-10 small curio shelf units that I've been sanding and sawing on. When I moved (2x) last year, there was a huge pile of vintage lumber that went along with me. I have really, really, good friends who helped me move it.(Cindy Jo thought it should go on the burn pile!) It has been sitting under a blue tarp for the past year. A few weeks ago, I got a wild hair and uncovered it and started making stuff. Mostly these small table top curio cabinets. The lumber is from various remodeling projects. There is a lot of old long leaf pine, beadboard and trim. My 'problem' is I can not let lumber like that go to waste, or end up on the burn pile or a land fill. I am compelled to make something new from it.  One has sold already. When I have them 'more finished' I will post a photo here. They will mostly be around $65.00. I will put some of them in my booth at the All My Treasures Antique/Flea Market mall here. I may list some of them in my etsy shop. Stay tuned. Please share the dog book project. And Thank you!

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