Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Upcoming Scratchboard Demos

There is a lovely posting regarding the upcoming scratchboard demo/classes in Florida, Texas and beyond. Take a look at it here. I love Ampersand products. They are simply the best surface for your art.

Today I am working on, you guessed it, the kickstarter book. I'm working on a questionaire to help folks write their or their dog's 120 words or less. This is going to be more of a challenge,I mean, the editing all of them, than the drawing of 40+ new dogs. I'm up for all of it though. And Fay Barclay, my co-author will work on it too, thank the gods! I've decided that this is my major breakout year. Is that
crazy to say? Am I tempting fate to come kick me down the stairs? Don't care. I'm feeling it in my bones (sometimes it's just the arthritis, I know...)that doing this book is going to change something in my path. What is it? Do I know where I am going? Honestly no. But, knowing that I have been doing this work as an artist, seriously for the past 8 years, and steadily moving forward, sometimes just treading water, but still moving gives me hope. Sorry if this seems a bit disjointed..I've been driving for hours and also, Mercury is still Retrograde!! If you are in the Sarasota or Orlando area come play with scratchbord with me!

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