Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm Still Scratchin' And Other Stuff And Such...

5 more days to raise funds to create the book of scratchboard drawings of rescued dogs. Click on the link to see what it is all about. I'm very excited about this. Can hardly wait to get started!
Meanwhile, I'm back out on the trail in Manchaca TX, visiting friends, taking care of some business and just hanging out. I attended the Animal Trustees of Austin's big Petcasso Fundraiser tonight and had a great time. I got to celebrate my birthday surrounded by a lot of fine folks who love animals, what more could I ask for? The artwork I created brought in $3500.00 for them so I'm feeling pretty proud! It's a great thing to help animals, and to help the people who take such great care of them is a bonus. Today was my birthday, and I was happy to be around such a loving crowd. What more could I ask for? I have everything I need...and there is always enough. That's my mantra. I hope all y'all are having a good 'fools day'. It's late and I've got to get some sleep...more travels coming up.

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