Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kickstarter Dog Scratchin' Book Update

The kickstarter project Dog Scratchin' book is in full swing now. I've had several questions regarding pledging and/or having your dog in the book, but you just found out about it. The kickstarter project site will stay up forever (I think) but the fundraising there is finished. That being said, there is always room for more dogs and a few more $$ toward this project. When I estimated costs, I did not put any money in there for me. This is a pure labor of love. In talking with a successful artist the other night, he explained that if he has no money to live on, he can not help the charities that he supports with his artwork. Makes sense. Gee, wonder how that thought escaped me? Anyhow, the way to join up now is to contact me directly through my website, or here via my profile.  The above dog is 'Scully' and I have a ways to go to finish, but I'm tellin' you, this is bringing me so much joy into my life to draw these dogs and hear the stories. Those of you who are participating in this...I thank you all for the privilege of sharing these dogs and their stories. Stay tuned...I'll be posting more WIP (works in progress) 

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