Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kickstarter Dog Scratchin' book project

My kickstarter book about rescued dogs and their people will end on April 7th at 10:11am. Click on this link to get the info and see how to be a part of it.
I'm finally home, recovering from some intense travel. I spent the past week, driving, flying, teaching scratchboard workshops/demos for Ampersand, visiting friends and participating in a fundraiser for The Animal Trustees of Austin.  My donated artwork for ATA sold at auction for $3500.00. That was awesome. They do great work for lower income animals and their owners. Income should not determine who can or cannot have a healthy animal!! 
I had a blast....but have to take a few days to recover. (for me that means, making some furniture pieces, or collage art, or getting out to see what I've missed!) Don't worry, I'll be up and at-em in a few days. Just in time to begin gathering all the information from everyone who pledged for the dog book. Yippie. Follow your instincts folks. Do what makes you happiest. Really!

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