Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kickstarter Dog Book Project Keeps Going

A few things to report today:  The Dog Scratchin' book project at kickstarter continues. See it here. Currently at 71% funded. It's an amazing thing. Come up with an idea, present it, fund it and make it. Oh how I love this. Here's a great thing, I will be getting the boards from Ampersand Art in Austin, TX. I frequently teach scratchboard classes for them, and have licensed 6 of my designs with them, so we are closely associated. They are really nice folks, and they make the best art boards. They will provide these boards and therefore, I can put more $$ into the book itself.  What's my ultimate plan or vision?  I see the book spinning off other products. Cups, tee shirts, calendars, greeting cards, dog accessories. All these things which can then be used for fundraising purposes by various rescue groups. Why am I doing this? The short answer is, because I care about these animals. There are so many of them, waiting in shelters or foster care. Many who never make it out into a loving forever home. I'm not in a position to adopt any right now(which is hard). Also, because of this economy I can't give heaps of money to them. But, I can make my art and give that. Believe me, I get a lot from the making of the art. I just finished a large piece for the Animal Trustees of Austin Petcasso event April 1st.  (not shown here, it's a secret until the event. Will post image after that) What I get from this is, two tickets to the event, a nice meal, good company, a shout out, and a bit of applause. They will auction off the piece and the money goes to them. But, the absolute joy I had this past week working on this piece, it was worth every minute for me. It's hard to explain this to folks not in the creative industry. Although I love the finished piece and I'm happy and proud to put it out there, (and in fact, most every new piece I make is my new favorite!) it was the process of making it that gives me the greatest satisfaction. While creating art I go into a special zone. I'm at peace, I'm excited, I'm engaged, I'm unaware of the time passing, I'm outside of myself, I'm so in touch with my inner self.  All these things happen while making art.  Now, I don't get it the same every time while making art. Sometimes a piece just doesn't work,it's frustrating, maddening, and no matter how much I work at it, it doesn't succeed. But I think if I got it every time the 'magic' would become commonplace. Here's to having magical, special experiences!! Love- my- life!

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