Friday, May 4, 2012

Daily Dog Scratchin'

It's day 23 of the daily dog scratchin'. By that I mean, since the kickstarter project funded on April 7th, and I began receiving the dog photos and stories it's been 23 days. There are about 29 dogs already drawn in one stage of the process, or even completed and ready to go. I've got about 20+ more dogs to draw. I'm keeping that number open because those of you who didn't jump in to the project during the campaign still have a chance to be in the book with your dog. Or just your dog in the book with the story of how you came together. If you contact me we can make arrangements for payment and getting the information. Right now at 50+ dogs the book is going to be over 100 pages. That's great. It feels like a 'real' book at that size. I must admit, in the beginning of this project I was afraid it would be a thin little all have helped to make this bigger and better than I could imagine. I thank you. And really, it has been such a joy and pleasure drawing these dogs and reading the stories. I don't want it to end, so I'd best start dragging my heels on the drawings! The above dogs are Blackie (b&w and finished), Booger (not finished), Gracie and her dino (not finished), Hattie Anne, and Hammy. You can see more at my facebook page (Linda Sheets Art), or at earlier posts on this blog. Now, more dog scratchin'...
Don't forget to get your dogs and stories to me (if you haven't already) before tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at 5pm so I can put their names in the bowl to pick images for the postcard, greeting card, magnet. Thanks!

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