Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dog Scratchin' Winners!

Yesterday I put all of the dog names into a bowl and picked 4 different dogs to be the images of some of the kickstarter pledge rewards.  Da Da Da Dahhhh! Here are the winners:
Roux Dixie is going to be on the hand-colored postcard
Greenbean is on the blank greeting card
Tomichi is on the magnet
Luna is on the postage stamp
I have not drawn Roux yet, but here is the photo and the 3 after that are the scratchbord versions of the others.

There they are ladies and gents. The winning doggies. Really, all of them are winning, I mean it. Good thing I left it up to random chance in the choosing, because it would have been impossible to just pick 4.  I'm scratchin' like crazy to get all of these done. I'm a pretty happy camper doing this work. Today I had to attend to some house fixin' as I discovered the condensate line on the ac was backing up and made quite a stinky, wet mess on the floor in the studio and bedroom. Good thing I know how to fix such things.  I can hardly wait to get back to dog drawing though.  Have a great one everybody!


Rocky Cross Studio said...

Love all your work and this was such a great idea! I just started using scratchboard and was wondering what kind of inks do you use to color you images?

Linda Sheets said...

Hi Rocky Cross Studio-
Thanks for the comment/question. I use mostly the Ampersand Claybord Inks on my scratchbords. Although I also have some favorite Liquitex Acrylic Inks that give a nice full-bodied bold color. Almost any water based ink works well. The alcohol or solvent based inks and markers will work, but use with caution near the black inked portion of the board. They will disolve or mix with your colors and muddy them up. Let me know if you have other questions, and have fun with scratchboard!! Linda