Friday, June 19, 2009

Basic Monkey

This here is your basic scratchboard monkey. No frills, no color...nothing fancy. My old school design from way back when I started this monkey mania. It's on a 3"x5" scratchboard. Sprayed with Krylon Workable Fixative. That's it, all I got for today. I'm feeling kinda homespun and folksy....

Which brings us to....the adventure of way too much phone for Linda. I had been thinking I wanted a G1 from tmobile. Watched my neighbor tool around on the web with his for months. Yesterday I went to the store and signed up and brought it home. Now here's the thing...I hate it already. It's bigger than my other phone and kinda clunky and I have to read and memorize the freaking book to figure out how to use it. So I'm taking it back today and getting a new version of my other phone. I am indeed a dinosaur...proudly so!

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