Tuesday, June 23, 2009

St. Monkey

Well today's monkey is a bit of a surprise....I don't always know (or care to know) where these are going when I start them. I started off with the usual, black gesso base on a panel or canvas (this is a canvas of no particular note) and vintage paper. The canvas is 12"x16", the paper is old bible (don't get upset with me...it was falling apart and rather than throw it out I decided to give it new life!) and hand writing from someone's school project. Plus, my favorite gold and red acrylic paint. I don't know if it was the influence of the bible or what but rather than a crown or fez or nothing up above the head the halo just seemed right. So there you have it. A singing angel? Or monkey in the choir? How would I know? I just make these things, you can't expect me to know who they are and what they mean...wonder what tomorrow's monkey will be?

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