Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Monkey

Missed putting up a daily monkey yesterday. Spent much of the day in the truck driving to and from Bryan TX (Home of the Aggies at TX A&M) so I didn't have an opportunity to 'get my monkey on'!

Today's monkey is a mixed media collage on canvas panel. I'm calling it 'Monkey in a Tee Shirt With a Story'. I started out with the basic design from torn pages from old journals. (I decided to destroy them because who wants to read that crap....) They are pretty much painted over with acrylic so the 'secrets' are safe. The lines in the background are a story from a 1940's magazine. It's 10"x14". I had a lot of fun making this one. The eyes are recycled photos from a friend who is a casting agent. She had tons of 'head shots' and I got them before they went into the dumpster...I promised her I would only use pieces of them to protect the ever hopeful actors who sent them to her!!

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