Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spike Gillespie and Satch

Just got word that Spike Gillespie (a local writer here in Austin) received her scratchboard portrait of her beloved, recently passed dog Satch and loved it. I am so happy. It was an interesting project as that particular piece was a challenge. It kept changing on me. What I mean is, I did the initial scratch and then painted it one color, which I just knew wasn't right. Then when I sprayed it with fixative it fell, face down on the floor (think peanut butter toast falling...always lands on the peanut butter side doesn't it?) The scraps of vintage bible text were totally inspired after I had to deal with the aftermath of it falling wet on my dusty, dirty studio floor. I am pleased with the way it turned out. I love it when the piece has a mind of it's own. If you want to see it, she mentions and pictures it here in her blog. It's a great blog, she is a wonderful writer and it sounds as though Satch was quite the dog! RIP Satch. I look forward to following her blog and maybe someday meeting up with her. Here are two other versions I did while working on the one she received last night. The photos are not the best...will take better photos later. The scratchboard is of course, from Ampersand Art The paint acrylic and the bible text from a vintage 1800's family bible. (It was falling apart, so what else do you do with it but use it in collage??)

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Spike Gillespie said...

I can never thank you enough. This is my new most prized possession. So gorgeous. Thank you.