Monday, June 22, 2009

Monkey Meditation

Some folks have a daily meditation, or some other way of connecting to their inner self and possibly the universe. Me? I've currently got my 'Daily Monkey' series. It keeps me tethered to a routine, which is not bad for me. I need the routine, a daily habit, just like brushing my teeth, or morning coffee to keep me anchored and 'on a mission'. Otherwise I sometimes find myself in a daydream, floating without purpose, just drifting along. Don't get me wrong, the daily monkey is not something I do unconsciously or without much thought, like brushing my teeth. I think about it a lot, some days more than others, and of course it shows in the work. At times I just dash off a piece to get it out of the way and fulfill the commitment. Other times it is an intense joy and one of those pieces that transforms me. And then there are mid moments, like this one...I like this piece and yet I know it's not over the top great. It's also not a quick slap dash get it done piece. It is a 5"x5" Creative Mark Edge canvas from Jerry's. Vintage paper and paint. I like the implication of the two women whispering about the monkey who won the cup. Don't you know they think it is 'rigged' because the judge is also a monkey?

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