Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quick Monkey

I'm getting ready to go to a small town auction with some friends this morning so I whipped this up pretty quickly. Don't want to miss 'my daily monkey'. Now that I've been doing this for a while I feel like it is helping me to make more art everyday. And I'm having big fun making it. This is a page from a black sketchbook (8 1/2x11) with silver sharpie pen. When I am sketching out an idea for scratchboard I sometimes will do it this way first. Which brings up that subject...for the most part my scratchboards start out as a very rough idea from a photograph or just my head. I'll have the basic sketch, put it on the board lightly with pencil or charcoal pencil and then start scratching. I never really know what the end result will look like until I get there. I like it that way, makes it a big adventure for me. And I feel like I have to follow the lines where they want to go.

Here I go...."hey bidder, bidder, bidder" Oh, wait, is that baseball, or auction talk???

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