Saturday, May 2, 2009

Daily Monkey

Number 3 in my new daily monkey series. 4"X5" acid free art board with prismacolor magic markers. I knocked this out pretty quickly...but then realized it was pretty dark, so I added my favorite white gel pen on top. I love the way the color shifts and changes when I spray it with Krylon workable fix.(my most used finishing spray) Well, three down, a boatload of monkeys to go.
Next Saturday from 12-3pm (May 9th) is my free Scratchboard Demonstration at Jerry's Artarama here in Austin TX. Last one I did was a success, everyone who showed up enjoyed themselves and walked away with a little piece of art!

1 comment:

tina riedel said...

like this one alot - nice balance of action, line, color - and i love his expression.
"... oooohhhh, monkey, celebrate monkey ...
sing it with an o-pen and a joy-ous heaaaaart"