Friday, May 15, 2009

Square Monkey

Here is a small departure in the Daily Monkey series...Monkey with a Square Head! This one is a small (3"X5") scratchboard. I'll probably add some red to the hat, shirt and dots but I wanted to get this one up and out. Had lots of fun doing this one. Reminds me a bit of some Mad magazine characters...not that I really ever read this mag...well, maybe once or twice in my youth! Anyhow, I keep pulling Monkeys out of my head and hands so I'm going to keep it up until 1. I become so incredibly bored with them and myself I run screaming down the dirt road like a crazy woman or 2. All y'all become so sick of this you beg me, for the love of god, just give it up already! In either case, sorry, forgive me,I'll probably just keep making these.

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