Friday, May 8, 2009

Monkeys in Space

This is a 5"X7" scratchboard 'Space Monkey #1'. Just dropped this off to Wally Workman Gallery I had a commission to do a monkey in space theme and so I googled monkeys in space. Unbelievable what we did to these poor monkeys (and other animals...Russia sent up several dogs). This piece was inspired by a photo of a monkey looking like he/she was not very happy about being wrapped up and strapped into a rocket!

Today I will run by Ampersand Art and pick up supplies for tomorrow's free demonstration at Jerry's Artarama Austin, TX. I love going to the factory, it's fascinating how they make their products.

Nice cool wind blowing this morning. Record high temps predicted for today. Time to go to the gym and sweat!

Gearing up for group show at Dahlia Woods Gallery Dallas, TX.

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