Thursday, May 7, 2009

Monkey, monkey, monkey

Another day, another monkey. I'm going to stop counting because I've already screwed that up...I'm not sure it even makes a difference. The goal is to do a monkey a day for a year. So I'll do around 365 of them...more or less, probably more. The monkey of the day is a combo of pen and ink, marker and colored pencil on a 3"X5" acid free board.

Just dropped off 4 more 5"X7" scratchboards to Wally Workman Gallery because she sold 4. Amazing. 28 of these types of pieces have sold there since January. I originally made 12 for the group show 'A Grand Affair' and now here I am 4 mos. later still churning them out. Love it. Glad to collect the checks too.

Life is good here in LindaLand.

Don't forget the Free demonstration at Jerry's Artarama 0n I-35 here in Austin Saturday from 12-3. I've arranged to have free samples and tools for scratching etc..thanks to Ampersand Art. Have I mentioned how much I love these folks and their products?

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