Sunday, May 31, 2009

Painted Monkey Head

Daily monkey is a 4"x4" canvas I picked up at Jerry's Artarama on sale the other day...I love these! The usual monkey head on black gesso with red, gold and a smattering of blue and white acrylic. I went back in with my scratchboard tool and took out some color and gave it a little texture. I am busy scratching out a large 3 monkey 'no evil' theme(can't remember the size..larger than 16"x20" though)Ampersand Scratchboard of course Started it last night, adding a tremendous amount of back ground detail...shapes that will be painted some undetermined colors...It's funny, the monkey heads are interesting to me, but mostly just for 'holding' the space. The background is always my most favorite part of doing this.

All is good, 4 emus are gathered outside my studio, 'booming' at me, the birds are singing, two deer just ran by and I am happy to be in this moment.

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